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Customised Golf Towels

Scooping the sand from your wedge after a bunker nightmare. Shining the putter before the birdie shot. Clearing the ball of grass and muck as you line it up on the green. The use of golf towels is far and wide. Whether you’re a professional or a completely amateur, using a golf towel will keep your clubs and golf balls dry and clean during your round.
Buying a golf towel is easy enough. However, finding customised and embroidered towel styles is a little more difficult. That’s where our service at DSA Golf comes in to create bespoke and customised golf towels made to each order individually. It doesn’t matter what design or the amount you’re looking to purchase, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance at DSA Golf.
Designing your golf towel from our two distinctive styles
At DSA Golf you’ll have two varied styles to choose from that will offer you a range of benefits. Our embroidered golf towels are available to you in 13 vibrant colours and come fit with a carabiner clip to allow attachment to the golf bag.
If you’re looking for an outstanding finish to your customised golf towels, our woven golf towels could be absolutely perfect. Made from cotton, you’ll have the chance to select from around 80 different colour shades.
To discover more about our customised golf towels and how you can begin the process, get in contact with us today.