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Improve Your Brand Exposure With Printed Golf Tees

To get your round of golf off to the best start it’s important that you have wooden tees that you can put your faith in. The forgiveness of the ground will allow you to strike the ball potentially very far with that trusty club you’ve chosen. But, if you’re looking for a boost from the beginning of your corporate event you need to personalise.
Underrated in the extreme, customising products will give your brand the lift it needs at the start of any event. At DSA Golf we have a selection of printed golf tees that can be used and edited to suit your branding, colour scheme and logo. Covered all over in your branding, you’ll be sure to create a ripple of excitement for the golf loving attendees to your event.
Our team at DSA Golf will provide you with everything you need to have a batch of wooden tees delivered to your premises. Whether it’s a small logo on the top of the tee which will show off your company with each placement of the ball or you’re looking to print all over our golf tees with a bright colour, we’re the best team to choose.
If you’d like to get in contact with us about our printed golf tees and find out how much it will set you back, ask us a question today.