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Printed Wooden Golf Tees

Wooden tees are used across the world for the best golfers in the world, as well as amateurs at every golf club. At DSA Golf, we create printed wooden golf tees to show off branding or your golf club’s emblem with high-quality printing.
They’re both permanent and temporary in the sense that they can break, but be lauded at golf society days and matches. Our team here can customise wooden tees to provide you with attractive accessories to your golf bag.
We have recreated many brands to the side and cup of wooden tees. You can choose the base colours, select the logo or brand name you wish to use and select your quantity. We have both 55mm and 70mm sizes, which only affects the length of the tee that can be customised.
These printed wooden golf tees are ideal for handing out at golf society days and business golf outings. Not only do they show-off your club or branding but provide something physical to your guests, something they can remember.
You can customise our wooden golf tees right down the finest detail. The small cup where the ball sits can also house a small logo or insignia of your company or brand.
Discover more about our range of wooden golf tees by getting in touch with us.