Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball

Low compression core provides soft feel yet the high velocity surlyn mantle provides exceptional distance performance.

Soft, proprietary cast Polyurethane cover delivers exceptional spin / control and ideal scuff resistance properties.

A 75 compression ball provides the softest feel of any urethane covered golf ball.

The 318 dimple pattern results in stable ball trajectory in any playing conditions.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane Golf Balls (NEW FOR 2016)

The 35 compression DX3 Urethane golf balls is the world’s softest multilayer ball.

Featuring similar distance and soft feel characteristics inherent in the DX2 Soft.

The DX3 presents the added benefit of more greenside spin for the control player demanding action in the scoring zone.

Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball

Tour Velocity is advanced 2-piece construction for ultimate distance.

Soft around the greens: Soft compression for superior feel around the green.

The WS400 dimple pattern results in stable ball trajectory in any playing conditions.

Available in 3 types of golf balls:- Tour Distance, Tour Feel and Women.

Available in 15 ball packs.

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Ball

The Softest Distance golf ball on the market at only 29 compression.

Long off the tee: Exceptional distance performance and improved control due to lower spin off the driver.

Soft around the greens: Softer feel for improved playability around the greens.

A high C.O.R. which results in high velocity and exceptional distance.

A seamless 302 dimple pattern resulting in consistent ball flight.

Golf ball available in white or yellow.

Wilson Staff DX3 Spin Golf Ball

Soft feel 3-piece ball.

3-piece construction with rubber rich technology with a rubber core providing a soft feel and lower driver spin rates for straighter flight.

Dupont HPF Inner Mantle layer provides velocity for maximum distance.

Soft Ionomer outer cover layer provides shot-stopping spin on approach shots.

New 302 seamless dimple pattern results in optimised distance performance.

Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Long distance through a high powered titanium core.

Ultra golf balls have combined excellent value with outstanding performance.

Guaranteed cutproof cover for ultimate playability and high energy titanium core which generates maximum initial velocity.

Combining to give maximum distance allowed by the rules of golf.

Available in 15 ball packs.

Golf balls available in white and yellow.

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