A selection of our most popular golf gift sets.

Through our experience with our own range of Old Course St. Andrews golf gifts we can tailor make many gift sets specifically for you and you can even choose the contents!

Tall Tube Set

An elegant gift set which is perfect to present at your golf day or business event.

Consists of three golf balls of your choice, 10-20 wooden golf tees, an embroidered or woven golf towel, a pitch repair fork and a ball marker, all packed in a large clear acetate tube protected in its own individual outer cardboard box for transportation.

The golf balls, pitch repairer and ball marker are printed with your logo; wooden golf tees can be printed with your logo in one colour down the stem; the golf towel can be embroidered or woven.
Minimum order quantities start from as little as 48 tubes.

Golfers’ Tee Bar

Black rubber tee bar body with small chain which contains 12 wooden golf tees, pitch repairer, ball marker and a score card pencil. Wooden golf tees and pencil can be printed with your logo in one colour down the stem. Pitch repairer and ball marker are personalised with your logo using a 15.78mm epoxy dome. Small chain, available in silver or brass, to enable the tee bar to be hung from your golf bag. These are also packed in their own individual clear acetate box which makes the perfect way to present this great gift! Minimum order quantity starts from as little as 50 units.

7/11 Tee Sets

Another popular tee set in a deluxe hard moulded plastic case with black base.

Contains seven x 53mm wooden golf tees, pencil, two plastic ball markers and one plastic pitch repairer. All printed with your logo in one colour. A good tee set for any small budget!

Minimum order quantity starts from as little as 100 units.

Drawstring Pouch / Tote Bag

A nylon or velvety feel pouch / tote bag, suitable for carrying golf balls, tees etc.

These bags can be embroidered or printed with your logo.

Bags can be branded with all your favourite golf brands such as Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, or with just your logo to suit your event. Minimum order quantities subject to embroidery stitch count.

Chrome Divot Tool with magnetic ball marker and leatherette scabbard.

Our classy, heavyweight chrome divot tool with magnetic ball marker comes with its own black leatherette scabbard complete with silver carabineer clip. Personalised with your logo using an epoxy dome.

Also comes packed in their own individual small clear acetate boxes.

Another great gift suitable for any golf event.

Minimum quantities start from just 50 units.

If you have any other gift set combinations in mind, please do not hesitate to call or contact us and we’ll make sure you get the best possible prices!