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Bespoke Golf Balls for Corporate Events

Summer events come thick and fast for corporations, companies and businesses across the UK. Such is the narrow period of time we call summer that golf days, meet ups, business meetings and more are crammed into this space. To make sure you’re prepared for every event, choose DSA Golf.
We’re able to provide bespoke golf balls for corporate events that will do exactly what they intend to do. The benefits of choosing a set of bespoke golf balls from our selection at DSA Golf will offer publicity, capture and professionalism to your brand. Whether you’re a big brand that wants to pin down a certain demographic or you’re a small business looking to increase your range, our bespoke golf balls for corporate events could be ideal.
The wide options available to you make our bespoke golf balls a great investment for the short and long term for your brand. Short term: A set of expertly printed golf balls with your logo to show off. Long term: Your golf balls will be used and seen across the area by golfers and more during their life span.
We only use the finest and latest golf balls from brands such as Titleist, Callaway, Wilson and Srixon to create our bespoke golf balls for corporate events. To discover more about our service at DSA Golf, get in contact with us today.