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Custom Embroidered Golf Towels

The golf towel has its uses throughout the year. Swiping mud away from clubs and balls in the winter and brushing off freshly snipped grass in the summer. Creating your own custom embroidered golf towels can give your golf club or business a truly professional finish. At DSA Golf, we only use the best quality towels available to us.
Representing your home golf club at competitions with embroidered golf towels gives off an air of an accomplished and prestigious set-up. This is similar with distributing them at a business event to your prospective clients. The quality and colour customisation available for our golf towels means you’ll have a perfect addition to your golf bag.
Our Aztex Velour golf towel is available to be embroidered in 13 different colours and can have a tri-folded or flat style. With either a silver or black eyelet and carabiner clip, the golf towel hangs perfectly showing off the embroidery.
If you’re looking for a perfect replica of your logo and badge, then our team at DSA Golf can help you. Depending on the embroidered stitch count of your logo, we do a minimum of 30 units upwards.
To discuss your options with our team, get in touch by filling out our online contact form.
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