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Elevate your brand with our promotional golf products

Promoting your brand and pushing it to the next level can be done in hundreds of ways. Adverts, posters, leaflets, emails and social media posts; you’re always on the cusp of finding new customers and investors. However, we ask the question at DSA Golf, can it be done through golf? Are promotional golf products a good way to invest in your company?
We’ve all seen golf balls in the rough, wiped the mud from their dimply body and seen a logo. We all look, it’s the most natural of reactions. To help your brand gain exposure through golfing events, corporate golf days and through your local golf club, it’s important that you have products that are customised to your company.
Whether you’re looking to place your logo and branding on a new set of golf gloves that can adorn every golf-playing member of staff on the next corporate get together, or you’re looking to gift your customers with an extra special piece of kit; choose DSA Golf.
As a team with years of experience in creating promotional golf products for a wide range of needs, we’re on hand to customise golf gloves, balls, umbrellas bags and tees with your logo and branding. The resulting promotional golf products is sure to show your brand in a positive light.
To find out more about our promotional golf products, get in contact with us today.